Support both B2C eCommerce and B2B eCommerce on a single platform. Create B2C listings that deliver the relevant, engaging experiences consumers expect. Offer B2B customers a B2C-like experience with an internal Cloud designed to meet the unique requirements of business buyers
Sell more with complex product settings and flexible booking forms. Use the ability to add multilingual content to make your products available for customers worldwide
Deep settings
Add product descriptions in different languages, tags and media content, link products to the locations they work for. Use flexible timetable settings to customize sale days and/or sessions, black days. Set general and extra prices, combine them into categories. Build up a perfect booking form for each product using various types of Fields
Use an internal cloud of products for active product sales and raising potential partners
Point of sale
Unify the online and in-store experience. Shopping behaviors have changed and purchase paths have evolved. Empowered by mobile devices, social media and the ubiquity of information, consumers expect to move freely between online and offline shopping channels. Trizeri provides retailers with a solution that unifies the physical and digital shopping experiences within a single, cloud-based commerce platform