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Our System Meets Your Business Needs

We’ve designed and developed cloud-based software solutions to meet your business needs and help your company grow. Our strategy is to ensure every business finds a management system that they can call their own.

By introducing our system tool, we made it possible for our clients to work remotely. We believe this flexibility is important to expand the global outreach and also make routine reporting easy for the employees, agents, and partners working at your clients’ space. 

Our comprehensive software tool automates, manages and optimizes all day-to-day business processes and standardizes the operating procedures in your company. They serve as a unified command center of your organization that allows arranging all your business workflows from a single device.

Business Management System

From multi-currency support to enterprise reporting, you'll find features you need

  • Trizeri ‧ Telegram
    You won't forget or lose anything. The system will send an instant notification of a new lead, a reminder, and contacts for the phone book. Manage your customers directly from the phone book and messengers
  • Trizeri ‧ Personal Access
    Personal Access
    Your staff will only have access to their assigned leads, clients, tasks, and personal finances. 100% security between departments and individual employees
  • Trizeri ‧ Mobile-friendly
    There is no need for a PC, all functions are available in the mobile version. You do not need to train staff, agents, and partners how to work on a PC version
  • Trizeri ‧ Unlimited Pricing Hierarchy
    Unlimited Pricing Hierarchy
    You can customize any type of product or service, set price categories, currencies, extra prices, discounts, bonuses, taxes, and commissions, as well as set rates and percentages
  • Trizeri ‧ Remote Access
    Remote Access
    Don't waste time on daily reports for partners, give them real-time access

  • Trizeri ‧ Multi-currency Reports
    Multi-currency Reports
    Sell in any currency, your report will include every transaction or category, interest rates, and commissions. You configure the necessary types of reports yourself
  • Trizeri ‧ Multi-departments
    Control the divisions, offices, and points of sale of your business in different locations of the world in one system
  • Trizeri ‧ Partner Access
    Partner Access
    Grant viewing access to your partners, agents, suppliers, and contractors in your department and forget about daily reports for them
  • Trizeri ‧ Custom Fields
    Custom Fields
    Create any forms for obtaining data in your company, such as customers, leads, bookings, costs, sales, expenses, marketing data
  • Trizeri ‧ Mass Bookings
    Mass Bookings
    Upload files with clients and leads from B2B partners in one click
  • Trizeri ‧ Mass Invoicing
    Mass Invoicing
    Create invoices and financial documents for any parameters from sales data, bookings, leads
  • Trizeri ‧ Cloning
    Forget about manual data creation, clone your internal documents and change data quickly

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