Sales Force &

Commission Management

Sales software is a digital solution that helps organizations plan and implements sales techniques, manage sales operations and monitor sales processes. Our products assist sales managers in the task of building, training, and motivating a sales team, while also helping them monitor, in real-time, how the team is performing. 

On the other hand, sales agents can use our products to identify leads and opportunities, manage contacts and orders, collaborate with team members, and view customers’ order history and buying patterns for cross-selling and upselling.

The key functionalities of the sales software include control lead generation, lead nurturing, sales management, contract management, territory management, and sales forecasting.

Our important features include ease of use, cross-platform integration, remote personal access, customization, and coordination across departments. 

Sales software features the ability to automate certain repetitive tasks, thereby helping SMEs save time, reduce costs per sale, increase productivity and reduce manual errors. 

More specific benefits include improved accountability among sales representatives, more accurate sales forecasts; more focus on effective lead sources and profitable business areas, more effective inventory management, and increased conversions.

Key Features

Configure Price Quote

Our software helps make a company’s current product pricing instantly available to its sales representatives working from different locations. CPQ software helps an organization’s sales department to accelerate its sales cycles, identify up-sell opportunities and improve quote accuracy. Key features include the ability to define pricing hierarchies, the ability to make price adjustments on the basis of current offers and discounts, and the ability to create proposals and set discount limits.

Forecasting & Lead Scoring

Our sales forecasting software helps estimate the future sales of an organization on the basis of its past sales records and market conditions. Sales forecasting software helps plan future growth, allocate resources, and manage cash flow and inventory accordingly. Key features include the ease-of-use, multi-user capabilities, dynamic reporting options, the ability to make accurate demand forecasts, and the ability to make flexible manual adjustments.

Sales Force & Commissions

Our sales force software helps automate certain tasks related to sales force management, leads tracking, sales forecasting and order management. On the other hand, sales commission management software assists in the task of calculating sales commissions as per company rules. Our solution allows you to choose a commission methodology suitable for your business.

Lead Management

Our lead management software not only helps businesses control and nurture leads but manages the leads through the entire sales funnel until purchase. You can use this software to collect, update, and segment lead data, view a lead’s position in the sales funnel, track and analyze interactions with a lead and find out which marketing strategies or channels are bringing in quality leads for your business. Key features include the ability to create, segment, and distribute lead data, capture identity, and manage customer inquiries.

Point of Sale Management

Our software allows merchants to process customer payments at retail locations. Key functionalities of POS software include service control, automatic price updating, recording sales by branch and/or by employees, and electronic ordering.

Partner Relationship

Our technology that organizations use to streamline, enhance, amplify and strengthen business processes with their indirect partners in order to deliver mutual growth. More sales opportunities will lead to increased market share and a higher satisfaction rate among the partner network.


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