HR &

Partnership Management

Human resources software is a digital solution that helps businesses perform some type of human resource (HR) management activities. 

With the right HR software on their side, organizations of all sizes can save money, increase productivity, monitor employee performance, measure ROI, make informed decisions, improve collaboration and foster a sense of team spirit.

Key Features

Payroll Management

Products in this category help simplify the process of paying an organization’s employees for the work they have completed. Our payroll management software assists in the task of tracking work hours, calculating salary, allowances, and withholdings, generating pay slips, and paying taxes to the concerned authority. Both SMEs and large corporations can use our products to save time on payroll management, reduce costly manual errors, get easy access to payroll data and automate complex tax and commission calculations.

Benefits Management

In order to improve employee retention and comply with worker’s compensation rules, most employers offer different types of employee benefit plans, including, life insurance, health insurance, pension and paid vacations. Our software product for benefits management gives them the tools to set up and administer all types of employee benefits.


Our product help organizations maintain a productive workforce by assigning the right task to the right employee at the right time. You can use the product to handle overstaffing and understaffing issues, keep track of attendance and work hours, provide feedback and training to employees, manage employee scheduling, and predict extra workload, additional staff requirements, or any possible work schedule conflicts.


Our software assists in the task of creating and managing complex employee schedules. That way, HR scheduling software helps save time and money on scheduling, reduce paperwork and manual errors, increase productivity and handle last-minute absenteeism.


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