Industry-specific software is a digital solution designed specifically for a niche market and industry. Every business is unique, but not all businesses need an expensive custom software solution. As an alternative, businesses can use our industry-specific software that often helps meet the unique operational needs of companies within the same industry.

For instance, if you are running a real estate agency, you may want to use an industry-specific solution for agent management. That way, you can get your hands on some unique software features that directly apply to your operations, without having to invest large amounts of money in developing a customized software solution to address the needs of your market.

Industry-specific solutions are available for a number of sectors, including street retail, education, tourism, real estate, and management.

Key industries

Real Estate

The solution is designed to facilitate real estate property management, from the construction process all the way to the marketing and sales processes


A Complete cloud-based solution for Jewellery manufacturing, retail, wholesale, chain manufacturers and e-tailing business


The software solutions allow to manage bookings, travel requirements, transportation, schedules and itineraries in one central location online


The software is utilized to help businesses streamline their daily operations and automate processes throughout the entire policy lifecycle


The software offers a wide range of services designed to facilitate the key processes of medical and healthcare practitioners

Fitness & Health

The solution provides organizations in the health, fitness, and well-being industries the ability to effectively manage memberships, schedules, and facilities

Car Dealer

The cloud-based suite of dealer management systems helps businesses of all sizes manage sales, purchases, and inventory


The software does is help businesses to manage financial matters so that legal and industry regulations are followed, customer relations are improved, and productivity is increased


The software is used by agencies and law firms to easily manage case records and clients, appointments and schedules, sensitive legal documents, deadlines, accounting, billing, and payment processing


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