About us
Trizeri is a cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform for service-centric small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with multiple departments and locations.
Trizeri solution drives every facet of a service provide's direct to consumer operation, combining innovative technology and services. The technology includes the consumer-facing eCommerce public front end & Channels (private B2B and internal, social networks and marketplaces). It also includes all the business-critical software - booking personalized management, product and services optimization, deep custom pricing, product listings (PIM), operational management and staff scheduling, full financial personalized management and accounting. Operational services include IT consulting (business optimization, analytics, accompanied online marketing strategies), business customer service (support center) and tech support.
The value to a service provider is a complete solution and single strategic partner that drives sales and margin lift, while lowering TCO and strengthening brand loyalty.
Trizeri was born in Belarus from the idea of creating a world-covering business platform to ease administration work and let businesses connect to each other and grow together. We started by developing a platform for the automation tourism sector focused on Thailand.
Official company registered in 2017 with 100% foreigners ownership, approved and promoted in Thailand by Board of Investment. Head office located at Phuket, Thailand.
The country is working to drive digital transformation and utilize innovation to become a cutting-edge economic powerhouse. The country’s digitization journey begins with the “Thailand 4.0” economic model which concentrates on important advancements and digital improvements to enhance the quality of life.
Our online platform, on the one hand, allows SMEs to maintain and control the back office, add suppliers, create and manage bookings, compose reports and invoices. On the other hand, it gives them an opportunity to work with their current partners, develop new business relations, take invoices, reports, make & receive payments within one platform.
Trizeri help people and businesses connect worldwide ecosystem. We create a digital community in the service sector. Our business customers are travel agencies, tour companies, scuba diving centers, ferry companies, boat tour agencies, boat tour cruise companies, boat rental companies, jewelry suppliers, rafting companies, spa centers, insurance agents, insurance brokers, real estate agency and brokers, transportation services, transportation rental companies, shopping services, sport attraction companies, accommodations, hotels, restaurants, beverage outlets and other businesses in this sector.
Evolution's Timeline
Development, optimization and automation of business operations in the tourism industry will transform to positive digital experience in other industries
Cloud ERP Platform
Cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) enterprise resource planning (ERP) and management platform for global service-centric small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in a variety of industry verticals with multiple departments and locations
Apr 2020
Turnkey eCommerce Platform
Complete eCommerce outsourcing solution for SMEs service providers selling direct-to-consumer, combining eCommerce expertise, proprietary SaaS technology and operational services
Aug 2019
Online Booking Platform
Online back office software and marketplace with B2B and B2C concept for service agencies and suppliers
Nov 2017
End-to-end Booking Solution
Online booking and operation software for tours and activity suppliers, and resellers
Jul 2016