Relationship Management

Customer service cloud software is a digital solution that helps SMEs improve the quality of their customer service. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) refers to customer relationship management.

CRM cloud-based software monitors customer interaction on multiple touch points, including via social media, company website, email, and phone calls. The Trizeri software helps collect, organize, and analyze customer data throughout the customer lifecycle.

You can use software solutions in this space to gain insight into customer behaviors and plan your customer relationship management policies accordingly. This eventually helps build and maintain long-term business relationships with customers.

CRM software products are used widely across industries; we come in different variants, with different features to suit different needs, such as customer engagement, feedback management, and survey and polling.

The important thing to consider is scalability. If you are expecting rapid growth in your business, consider choosing a Trizeri solution that will grow with you. For some small businesses, CRM software with basic contact management features may suffice, while larger organizations may look for contact management with a shared database. It all depends on what you need, your growth potential, industry, and customer service goals.

Key Features


CRM covers a wide range of applications aimed at making customer relationship management easier and more organized for businesses. CRM software typically features the ability to track customer interactions across multiple communication channels, identify and nurture high-quality leads, automate follow-ups with clients, build customer loyalty, generate and analyze reports, and make sales forecasts. Our CRM with mobile access allows salespeople to view and share customer interaction history on the go, making it easier for them to resolve time-sensitive matters.

Customer Service

Not all companies require a complete overhaul of their customer service. Simple changes like sending automated acknowledgment emails or creating a knowledge base for self-service can go a long way to wow the customers. You need to compare and choose the right solution for you. In general, customer service software helps keep track of customer requests, automate certain customer support tasks, generate reports, route the right request to the right person, collate customer information in one place and prioritize customer requests.

Loyalty & Membership

Retaining an existing customer requires much less investment than gaining a new client altogether. This is exactly why smart marketers increasingly focus on creating loyalty and membership programs. To that end, businesses can leverage the power of loyalty & membership software, which often helps save time and money on the planning and implementation of loyalty programs. Some notable features of this software include the ability to incorporate incentive-based promotions, build a payment processing system, managing allocation of gift cards, rewarding customers for advocacy, and identifying loyal customers for special offers and discounts.

Reservations & Online Bookings

With customers across industries adopting online payments, most businesses today need to catch up with the trend, if only to stay competitive. Reservations & online bookings software allows a business to create booking pages, send instant notifications, book reservations, cancel registrations, and re-schedule meetings. Our booking module has more advanced features, such as, organizing and analyzing booking statistics, adjusting language and currency settings, and an ability to create image galleries and an attractive “Book Now” button.


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