Set up booking forms according to product's specifics, monitor incoming and outbound reservations, get reports and booking printing. Control sent and received bookings on one page. Add markups or discounts in the process of creating or editing bookings. Automatically uploading of data files and magic know-how in calculation contract prices of products
Deliver excellent customer service across every touchpoint with integrated customer service software. Trizeri's integrated customer service management solution gives you a 360-degree view of customers-helping to improve customer satisfaction, attract new customers and lower service costs. Only Trizeri's customer service software gives everyone that interfaces with the customer—sales, support, service, and fulfillment—access to complete, key customer data in real-time empowering them to better support your customers while driving upsell and cross-sell
Personal Access
The advanced personalized access system allows you to enhance data security. Manage access to each booking, sharing data access. Instant notification of receiving the access
Marketing and Ads
Create and execute effective campaigns to drive leads with integrated marketing automation software. Trizeri's marketing automation part enables you to generate highly qualified leads that are ready for sales engagement. It provides a framework for you to target, build, execute and measure the success of marketing campaigns—taking the complexity out of lead qualification and conversion. Trizeri's marketing automation solution lets you track and measure a prospect's activity, identify when a lead meets known buyer-readiness conditions, and pass that lead to sales as soon as it meets your pre-defined criteria
Telegram Bot
Connect your Telegram account to get notifications and control your account using Trizeri bot. Manage your sales and customers using the bot, create reminders and get them in the bot. Allow the bot to work with the phone book on your mobile phone to communicate with customers