Membership Agreement

1. Commencement of service

1.2 Trizeri provides to the Member an online platform for organizing the whole business cycle including creating and using a full personally adaptive merchant profile, online booking, getting and making guaranteed payments for goods and/or services from/to customers and developing business connections.
1.3 The Service mentioned above will be offered to the Member at a price according to the commission by individual Service Agreement created between the Member and Trizeri.
1.4 Trizeri shall issue a Member ID and Password (the latter shall be chosen by the Member during registration) to the Member to access the Service. The Member shall be solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the Member ID and Password. The Member undertakes to notify Trizeri immediately of any unauthorized use of its Trizeri Account, Member ID or Password or any other breach of security. The Member agrees that Trizeri shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising from the Member's failure to comply with this paragraph.

2. Representations and warrantiess

The Member represents and warrants that:
2.1 Any information delivered to Trizeri under this Agreement is correct;
2.2 The Member is engaged in a lawful business that includes the sale of goods and/or services, and duly licenses to conduct such business under laws of all jurisdictions in which the Member conducts business. The Member shall comply with all laws, policies, guidelines, regulations ordinances or rules applicable to the Member's business and this Agreement;
2.3 All goods and/or services, which Trizeri to receive the payments hereunder are not goods and/or services prohibited by law and good morals or that would expose Trizeri’s image to risk;
Failing of the above representations and warranties, the Member agrees that Trizeri is entitled to terminate this Agreement immediately and the Member shall be responsible for all damages incurred to Trizeri, including any loss incurred by the Applicant as the result of its non-performance of this clause.

3. Exclusion

The Member acknowledges and agrees that in case the Service hereunder has any error or delay or has been temporally suspended, arising from service connection system or computer system or any relevant system or virus attack or electronic equipment problems and/or force majeure or any causes beyond Trizeri’s control, the Member shall not definitely raise such error to claim any damages against Trizeri and shall notify Trizeri immediately of such error. However, Trizeri will use its best efforts to solve the problem hastily, and the Member agrees to fully assist and cooperate with Trizeri to solve such problem.

4. Confidentiality

The parties understand that all documents, information or materials produced or acquired under this Agreement are confidential information and trade secrets. Neither party is entitled to disclose nor cause to be known by any way of such confidential information and trade secrets to any third party and agrees to properly keep them at any time either during and after the period hereof, except for the disclosure required by a court order or provisions of law.

5. Uploading of Information

5.1 In the course of accessing this website or using the services, you may provide information which may be used by Klook and/or the Members in connection with the services and which may be visible to other users of this website. You understand that by posting information or content on the website or otherwise providing content, materials or information to Trizeri and/or the members in connection with the services.
5.2 You hereby grant to Trizeri and the members a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, sub-licensable and transferable right to use and fully exploit such user submissions, including all related intellectual property rights subsisted thereon, in connection with providing the services and operating this website and Trizeri’s business, including but not limited to the promotion and redistribution of part or all of the services and derivative works thereof in any media formats and through any media channels.
5.3 You agree and authorize Trizeri to use your personal data in accordance with the Privacy Policy in effect from time to time;
5.4 You hereby grant each user of this website a non-exclusive license to access your user submissions through this website, and to use, modify, reproduce, distribute, prepare derivative works of, display and perform such user submissions as permitted through the functionality of this website and under this Terms of Use;
5.5 You acknowledge and agree that Trizeri retains the right to reformat, modify, create derivative works of, excerpt, and translate any user submissions submitted by you. For clarity, the foregoing license grant to Trizeri does not affect your ownership of or right to grant additional non-exclusive licenses to the material in the user submissions, unless otherwise agreed in writing.
5.6 You confirm you will represent and warrant that you own and control all of the rights to the user content that you post or otherwise distribute, or you otherwise have the lawful right to post and distribute such user content to or through the platform; such content is accurate and not misleading; and use and posting or another transmission of such content does not violate the Terms of Use or any applicable laws and regulations and will not violate any rights of or cause injury to any person or entity.
5.7 You hereby represent and warrant that any content in your user submission (including but not limited to text, graphics and photographs) do not infringe any applicable laws, regulations or any third party rights.
5.8 You hereby represent and warrant that all the user submissions publicly posted or privately transmitted through this website is the sole responsibility of you and that Trizeri will not be liable for any errors or omissions in any content.

6. Miscellaneous

6.1 Trizeri is not involved in any contracts made between the Member’s customers and/or clients, the Member Merchants’ customers and/or clients and the Member or in any right and duty among those parties. In case any disputes occur from when the Member does not comply with the terms and conditions of contracts made with its customers and/or clients, Trizeri shall in no event be liable or jointly liable. The Member shall be solely responsible for such dispute to its customers and/ or clients.
6.2 In no event shall Trizeri be responsible for intentionally or negligently revealing to any other persons by the Member of its and/or its customers’ bank account, credit card, username and password information, or for carelessly keeping of password, or in case that any other person causes to be known such information or in case of dishonesty of the Member and/or other person.
6.3 To provide the Services of Trizeri in compliance with the security policy and this Agreement, if Trizeri finds any transaction that is not correct or is within the scope of dishonest acts in any means, the Member agrees that the amount of such transaction will be confiscated and seized in the system until any person expresses to claim it. If Trizeri examines proof and has reasonable belief that such person is the genuine owner, Trizeri will be entitled to return the net amount to that genuine owner immediately.